About Polly Godsafe

I’m an Equine McTimoney and Massage therapist working in Essex and surrounding counties. My passion for horses lead me to studying for a BSc in Equine Science at Writtle College from 2005-08. The course covered a wide range of subject areas from Nutrition, to Behaviour, Exercise Physiology to Complementary Therapies. Here I discovered my interest in Complementary Therapies, after writing my dissertation on ‘The effect of McTimoney Therapy on Atlas Rotation in the Riding Horse’ and having my horse treated by a McTimoney therapist I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Whilst at Writtle I also studied for my BHS stages one and two. I followed this up with an Equine Massage Course through Equine Energy. Gaining the title of Equine Body Worker. I then went on to study for an MSc in Animal Spinal Manipulation through the McTimoney College. Writing a dissertation entitled ‘The effect of Spinal Manipulation on MNT values in the Equine Neck.’ I have since qualifed in Equine Kinesiology Sports Taping, L1 Equine Touch and L1 Craniosacral therapy with an aim to continue my craniosacral training when possible.  

I am a fully insured practitioner with McTimoney Chiropractic being widely recognised by most major insurance companies as a complimentary therapy. I am qualified to treat all animals, however my real passion and focus of my work is horses

I am also a member of the McTimoney Animal Association (MAA) and Animal Health Professions Register (AHPR).





I have two horses of my own, Casper and Albus, fondly known as Albus Dumblecob. My horses, like most, thrive on variety in their work they both hack, school and jump but have their own fortes in work. They are the polar opposite of each other, with Albus being very chilled and Casper being the definition of ‘turbo cob!’

Casper has unfortunately had a few injuries of recent years and so hasn’t done much competing for a while. When he does he’s a crazy cross country machine and has competed successfully at BE80 and UA90. Only held back by a fear of coloured poles which we are constantly working on. 

Albus is a failed project, failed in that he’s lovely and he’s stayed. Although he’s a super safe all rounder we compete mainly at British Dressage and love our hacking and drag hunting. He’s transformed somewhat from the ploddy cob that I bought, turning out to be far nicer than I ever expected!