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I’m an Equine McTimoney and Massage therapist working in Essex and surrounding counties. My passion for horses lead me to studying for a BSc in Equine Science at Writtle College from 2005-08. The course covered a wide range of subject areas from Nutrition, to Behaviour, Exercise Physiology to Complementary Therapies. Here I discovered my interest in Complementary Therapies, after writing my dissertation on ‘The effect of McTimoney Therapy on Atlas Rotation in the Riding Horse’ and having my horse treated by a McTimoney therapist I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Whilst at Writtle I also studied for my BHS stages one and two. I followed this up with an Equine Massage Course through Equine Energy. Gaining the title of Equine Body Worker. I then went on to study for an MSc in Animal Spinal Manipulation through the McTimoney College. Writing a dissertation entitled ‘The effect of Spinal Manipulation on MNT values in the Equine Neck.’ I have since qualifed in Equine Kinesiology Sports Taping.

I am now a fully insured practitioner with McTimoney being widely recognised by most major insurance companies as a complimentary therapy. I am qualified to treat all animals, however my real passion and focus of my work is horses.



I am also a member of the McTimoney Animal Association, more information can be seen here… http://www.mctimoney-animal.org.uk



I have ridden since age seven and owned my own horses for the last 8 years, both the horses I own now I have backed and bought on myself. Kali, a 9 year old TBx I have owned since she was 3. Sadly three month in to her ridden career Kali went lame and was consequently diagnosed with arthritis in both her hocks. After treatment and then 2 years rest Kali came back in to work and spent 2 happy years ticking over, and helping to teach my friends to ride. With good management including very regular McTimoney treatments you the majority of the time you would never have believed her hocks are as bad as they are! She was unfortunately diagnosed with bilateral navicular disease in her front feet and a DDFT tear earlier this year. She has been off for 4 months now and living the life of luxury in the field. She is coming home soon with the hope to bring her back in to light work. All with the help of McTimoney to prevent compensatory muscular discomfort and development.

1 year on Kali update 2013 – She has suprised us all and is sounder than ever! She is back in full work and doing fantastic!! Her dressage career starts all over again this year.

Kali 2014 – Kalis arthritis is spreading and she’s now retired from school work and competing. Shes happy hacking out once or twice a week and taking life a lot slower from now on.

August 2014 – Sadly Kalis arthritis took its toll and I made the decision to say goodbye to my wonderful girl. She had a great life and taught me so much over the years I had her.


Kali and I doing what she does best. Dressage Summer 2011.


My other horse is Darcy, a 5 year old Dutch Warmblood by Orlando. She stands at about 17.2hh at the moment. Hoping she won’t grow any more! I bought Darcy when she was 15 months old and only 15hh! I have backed and bought her on all myself with the help of friends and my valued instructor Chrissie Rhodes-Dennis, supplehorse.co.uk. I’m looking forward to many years of fun with my Darcy Dino, with showjumping and BE being our main aims. That is if she stops injuring herself!


Darcy and I Jumping Summer 2012

Darcy update March 2013. After multiple injuries during 2012 Darcy was fit and ready to start her BE career this April. She unfortunately started displaying signs of discomfort at the end of February 2013 and was subsequently diagnosed with kissing spines. She currently is undergoing a period of rehabilitation work and regular treatments, teamed with veterinary intervention. I’m hoping for her to be back up and running for an event towards the end of the season!

Update July 2013.  Darcy also turned out to have stomach ulcers alongside the kissing spines. Diagnosed when her adverse behaviour (rearing) continued. After lots of treatment for the ulcers and continued work on her back Darcy is back in full work! We are competing regularly in all disaplines. Jumping is our favorite though and she has just started both her BS and BE careers with a British Novice double clear last week (not bad for our first attempt!) we have a few unaffiliated ODE’s under our belt and have our first BE booked for August! She is so far proof that kissing spines is not a death sentence!

Darcy update February 2014. Darcy had an amazing Summer 2013, she came 5th at her first BE, had multiple placings in all disaplines and came 5th in the Essex Rider Cross Country league. Sadly recently she took a bad turn and has as a result just had kissing spines surgery. She’s just started her rehab work and I am looking forward to bringing her back in to work. I will be tracking her rehabilitation through a blog.

February 2015. The last year hasn’t been very sucessful for Darcy. She unfortunately went lame during her kissing spines surgery rehabilitaton which eventually resulted in her having surgery on her right stifle to tidy up damaged cartilage. After her surgery I decided to give her time to rest and turned her away for 6 months. She returned home in December 2014 and is being very very slowly bought back in to work. So far so good! Her kissing spines surgery has so far been totally sucessful, her back has been pain free throughout. Just hoping we can keep her sound now!

Sadly Darcy went lame again in April 2015 and with all her problems and secondary behavioural issues the decision was made to also have her put to sleep.



I purchased Kyra in August 2015. A 5yr old IDxTB imported from Ireland from Banagher Sports Horses. A very sweet girl with the potential to be a great event horse. She unfortunately pulled a shoe in September and tore her DDFT in doing so! She is currently on box rest and rehabilitating well. Now aiming for the 2017 event season!




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