I first called on Polly when I seemed to be having endless trouble with my pony Ronnies back. I had been getting him treated for around 14 months, any where between every 3-4 weeks, yet didnt seem to have a reason for the trouble or the cure. The end never seemed to be in sight and I started to seriously consider retiring him from ridden work (at the age of just 5 years old!). I felt that I needed a second opinion as to why I had this continuous problem, what it was and if it could ever be solved, so I gave Polly a call. Polly agreed to come out and see my pony, just 2 weeks after his latest treatment, and he was extremely sore and tight already and set to work in making him feel better. She was able to tell me straight away where the problem area was, correctly treated this and gave me a follow up plan. For the first time in 14 months I felt like a little weight had been lifted and the idea of retiring him got put back a bit! To say he felt better the next day is an understatement, he bounced the whole way to the field and galloped off as soon as he was unclipped, some thing his never done before! I have now continued to use Polly and will not have anyone else! She has taken my pony from strength to strength and the future isn’t so bleak. My daughter not only gets to ride him but he also goes out competing, quite an achievment from where we stood to start with dont you think? Not only does Polly know her job and does it extremely well, she also does it for love of the horses. Their best interest are always at heart and I think this is why people put so much trust into her. She has supported me in all the ups and downs with my boy and im sure she will continue to do so for many years to come. All I know is my pony wouldn’t be where he is today if I didnt make that phone call and I Have Polly to thank for that! What more could you want? Everyone needs a Polly in their life


Polly has been treating our Spanish horse Rey for over a year, we struggled to find a practitioner who understood that being Spanish he moved slightly differently, Polly has worked with Rey to adjust his movement to allow him to move more freely we are now able to see the difference prior to Polly’s involvement. Having seen how calm Polly is around her own horses I had no doubt Rey would feel relaxed around Polly, I always will recommend Polly as I have found her to be kind, understanding and to treat my horse with the care and attention she does her own. I feel confident that if I have a problem with my horse Polly is the first person I will turn to she has always offered helpful and sensible advice. I feel the treatment she offers is extremely reasonably priced given the standard she works to, Polly tries her hardest to work around my schedule and is always reliable and on time, she is definitely the most intuitive practitioner and is a credit to her practice.

Helen, Rachel and Rey

Rey Dressage

Rachel and Rey competing Summer 2013

In the autumn of 2012 Aurran my pure bred 14 year old arab gelding was investigated for kissing spines at Newmarket after a Mctimoney Chiropractor recommended he be looked at, a full body scan revealed broken withers, probably sustained as a youngster and the dorsal spines very close but not quite ‘kissing’
A possible outcome of his investigations were that his volatile ridden behaviour (rearing and bolting) might be behavioural.
I brought him home and enlisted the help of Polly after seeing many recommendations, with regular 6 weekly treatments and help from my dressage instructor I now have back my horse who works beautifully and is a much happier person.
Polly always listens to Aurran and although he can be a bit expressive  in treatments he always ends each treatment relaxed and happy and the proof is in his ridden work.

Robyn Isles


Aurran, happily now accepting ridden work

I have known Polly for quite a while now, she trained really hard and I was so pleased when she qualified so that she could treat my horse. She has treated my horse Freya since. Freya is an irish mixer, bit of this bit of that. She can be a little wary of strangers doing things to her. Polly is always very good with Freya, and Freya loves her sessions with Polly. Freya was very one sided when beginning her education, Polly helped to level her up and release her compensation and tension holding areas, leaving Freya more able and willing to learn to become straighter. Since then Freya doesn’t often need to see Polly but 7 weeks or so ago Freya had a crazy moment and slipped in the field,  randomly she was naughty to shoe and very un co operative to ride, everything was suddenly really difficult. Polly came and found the problem, 2 weeks ago (5 weeks post Polly) we went to camp, and freya was herself and was very good. I treated freya to another session after camp just in case, the odd niggle here and there from the extra workload but all ok. I’m so glad Polly treats Freya, and she knows her so well and vice verser. I have complete trust in her and her abilities to look after and keep my horse happy, level and sore free. Thanks Polly, love Freya & Katie

Freya at camp 2013



Hi Polly,

I know you must get hundreds of emails from happy customers, but as I’m not seeing you for so long, I just had to tell you that Ringo and I attempted our first prelim test yesterday… despite me mucking one bit up (my mind went totally blank about what came next!), we still came 4th. Bearing in mind this is only his 2nd time out, he was absolute star and a pleasure to ride the whole day and I’m so pleased with him.

Then as a “treat”, I took him in the minimus jumping. He basically took himself round – I don’t think I even had to use my leg, he just loves to jump. And he managed to win that class…

So on a high after the weekend and so much thanks to you – I just can’t believe this is the same horse as 6 months ago.




So, I don’t know if you remember me telling you that in March I had set myself the “challenge” of doing the Codham Park One Day Event in October?

Well, I did go in the end. I only did the little intro/novice class, but Ringo was an absolute star. He did a lovely test (got 68.7%), flew over the show jumps (he just got a bit tanky heading for home at one point, didn’t lock on to the jump and slid out the side which counted as an unlucky 4 faults). We had minor disagreement over the first few jump cross fences (Ringo thought the best technique was to stick his nose on the floor, lock his neck and tank over everything), so we ended up having a few down in the beginning, but at fence 5 he came round to my way of thinking and he jumped the rest of the course beautifully!

I was lying 2nd after the dressage and show jumping, but our jump cross faults meant we ended up 4th. I was so chuffed with him. Doing all three phases really showed how far he has come over the last year, and the last 6 months especially. We have a few things to work on, but it was a brilliant end to the season.

I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe it’s the same horse. One VERY happy customer!!!!


An absolutely first class, professional, yet very friendly service that cannot be faulted.

We are really pleased with the outcome of our horse…well done and thank you Polly!

Polly has been a part of the process of changing my nervous horse who would not allow just anyone to touch him, into a confident, more relaxed animal. Initially, I believed he would be very hesitant for her to work on him, but just a few minutes in, he was a calm, happy horse. After just one session, I could feel a difference, and after recent follow-ups, he is a different horse, not just to ride, but also on the ground.

Hi Polly. Just a quick update on Penny. I’ve just taken her round the block and for the first time ever she’s not dragging her back feet and clipping her toes when she trots! Her trot is much bigger and she seems much looser in general. Thank you! X

Thank you for your help with Coco today. She responded so well and I know she is thankful too. Here is hoping she is on the road to recovery and look forward to seeing you next month.

Just wanted to say thanks again for looking at little Arnie for me…he is still walking straighter through his back end and no clicking hips so far! He absolutely loved his treatment and so nice to speak to someone who doesn’t just dismiss the little guys by the way…the coat is coming off today!!

Every single time Polly comes out my mare feels like a new horse!! It amazes me what a massive difference it makes, more balanced, more rounded and sooo much happier! Worth every penny x

My mare was in constant pain to the point where the vets thought she had kissing spine. After years of different people polly has helped my horse change her movement back to how it should be and losen her up (she use to be aggressive and bite constantly and now its only on rare occasions) without polly and her wonderful hands and skills im pretty sure my mare would not be able to be ridde n and I would have an insurance policy covering nothing! ! Couldn’t recommend enough!! Thanks again polly !!!!

Polly helped me get my first ever double clear round jumping with my young boy since he kept knocking the poles with his back feet, after a treatment with Polly and a realignment to his hips etc we flew round and we got a double clear and a rosette was so happy! Thanks alot X

Polly is absolutely fantastic. She came out to me as a new customer on extremely short notice (the same day) as he had hurt himself right before we were due to leave for Equifest. Polly now looks after all of our Show Hunters and keeps them happy and supple. Could not come more highly recommended 😀

Polly has been a part of the process of changing my nervous horse who would not allow just anyone to touch him, into a confident, more relaxed animal. Initially, I believed he would be very hesitant for her to work on him, but just a few minutes in, he was a calm, happy horse. After just one session, I could feel a difference, and after recent follow-ups, he is a different horse, not just to ride, but also on the ground.

Thank you for treating Rufus yesterday, he is moving beautifully today which is unbelievable after how he was. Really impressed.

Just to let you know Oscar is back to normal now since your visit the other week, can tell he’s feeling soooo much better. Thank you so much from me & from Oscar

Would like to say a massive thank you for seeing Pie today. She loved it and it was so interesting to watch. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for Aedan’s session today.
I am so pleased with how he behaved and reacted seeing him release that tension was wonderful.
So nice to meet someone so like minded. 🙂

Thank you so much for today. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been there, lol!! Brilliant 🙂 x

Another wicked treatment with you today 🙂 pharoh loves u more and more 🙂 can’t wait for the next treatment x x

Thanks to u, I am so much more comfortable and can bend the right way !! My mummy does my stretches and had a pot of treats at the ready Thank you soo much and have a lovely christmas love Mr Cash 😉

Thank you so much Polly – I know Jack enjoyed his hands on treatment today! x

Thanks for treating rey, we’ve noticed such a difference when ridden look forward to seeing you again will definitely be recommending:)x

Just wanted to let you know that Ru is a happy swingy “pony” again. She was very happy to show me that she can actually flybuck in comfort again !!!!!!!!!!!!! :-0

Thank you for taking care of Vinnie today. You did a marvellous job, I left him very content tonight. Hope you’re not too tired! Thanks again x

Thank you so much for treating Oreo today. He seemed to really like it and now looks so relaxed through his back. We will definitely be calling you back in six months for another treatment.

Thankyou for your therapy on Windsor he has come on leaps and bounds since he started his treatment with you . Now we can get to work.

Pharoh loved it ! You are amazing! Can’t wait for you to be up again! See you when he next needs it!! Xxx

Oh my god! Just rode my mare after her being treated Sunday and what an outstanding difference! She was much more willing to go forward and I believe she became so excited when she realised the pain had gone she threw in some happy bucks! Thank you again Polly look forward to seeing you again Sunday to sort the boy out! x

Thank you for treating Flint today!! He maybe a grumpy old boy sometimes but you worked wonders with the tension through his back and shoulders, look forward to having you back out once riding again xx

Thanks Polly for another fantastic treatment, Milo feels brilliant and I have never seen him so happy to be treated or ever seen such a difference in him being treated brilliant!! Or seen a better improvement – thank you!! X

Cantered Brooke for the first time after her treatment today! Amazed! Right lead canter we got the right leg from the off! Right lead flexion, no problem and counter bending like a dream! Thank you I finally have a happy horsey on the right rein yay : )

Hi Polly – just wanted to say thank you treating Fly and taking the time to explain everything to me before and after carrying out the treatment. He does look and move so much better for it and we will look forward to seeing you in a few months time.

I met you in Crown Corner not long after you had qualified & you gave me your number.

Though you have not yet treated my TB, who broke his leg last Oct & is showing signs of not being balanced & pain; I would like to let people know how professional & thoughtful you have been. Our 1st visit is due after he returns from a friend’s rehab yard.

When I called you, you listened to me & let me tell you what happened & what I thought could be/cause the problem. You told me your thoughts & how you could help. Then you explained how you would contact my vet & why & what you would do on your first visit etc. You were very reassuring  and cared not just about my TB but also about how I felt which is something I have found rare in some professionals.

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