Do you come to my area?

I am happy to travel although there will be a small mileage charge for visits more than 20 miles from Stock, Essex, CM4, this is however dependent on number of horses treated at the one location.

 How long does a horse treatment take?

For an intial consultation and treatment I ask owners to allow 1 hour – 1 hr 30 mins.  This is a rough guide and will vary greatly on any problems found.  A follow-up/routine treatment is likely to take around 1 hour, again depending on what is found.

Do you come and visit my horse at my home or do I travel to you?

All treatments are carried out at the horses home, this ensures the horse is comfortable in its surroundings and reduces the risk of injury when travelling.

Will my horse need time off after treatment?

Normally at least one full day off work is required after treatment followed by a gradual increase to normal work over several days.  When you make an appointment let me know of any competitions you have coming up and we can arrange treatment around this.

How often does my animal need treating?

Depending on what is found and the nature of the problem, the animal may require a course of treatments.  Regular check-ups are recommended as a preventative measure (i.e. every 4- 6 months) to help maintain health and optimum performance.  The time scale between check-ups is likely to be determined by factors such as the animals activity level and any pre-existing problems.

Do I have to be there?

I do insist on someone familiar to the animal being present at the time of treatment. It would be helpful if this person has a knowledge of the animals history.

Why do I need to ask my Vet for permission? It’s my animal!

Practitioners work under The Veterinary Act 1966, which means it is a legal requirement for the Vet must give their consent before the animal is treated. The Vet does not need to be present, however, they must be contacted either by the practitioner or the owner prior to treatment. If veterinary permission is obtained by the owner then I will ask that they sign a form to confirm this.

Do you treat other animals than horses?

Although I’m qualified to treat other animals I do focus my work on horses. This does not mean I will not treat other animals however it is best to contact me to discuss the issues you are having. Only then can I tell you if I think I can help.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.